Our Story

Win or Lose, We Still Booze

Started during Thanksgiving in 1994, Bogie's pivoted away slightly from the techno bar known as Gridlock that only lasted for a year and instead sought out its deeper roots from when it was University Pub and "The Doughout". Mainly catering to students, with an emphasis on those who were Greek affiliated, Bogie's was never short of a crowd, nearly any day of the week. With drink specials like "Drinkin' with Lincoln," "Beat the Clock" and Nickle beers,  Bogie's quickly became known for its lively atmosphere, strong drinks and packed wall to wall with college students. So, it was no surprise when the unofficial tag line became "Walk In, Crawl Out." While ownership has swapped hands many times, the core values and culture remains unchanged. 

Today Bogie's continues its long legacy of serving the LSU community. "We strive to innovate while constantly bringing you a consistent product and keeping the safety of our customers a top priority. As we gear up for the 2023 LSU Football season our vision remains unchanged. We hope to bring our customers an experience they will never forget and will only be topped by our next season!"






The Dougout


University Pub